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Let’s Hunt is a FREE to use social media app for hunters and hunting guides. LH features many features specifically designed to make life easier, more fun, and more transparent for hunters and hunting professionals. LH is a sister company of KC Safari Services, and a member of the Kleinhans Co. group of companies.

Engage, Convert &
Grow More Customers

The Let’s Hunt app for mobile & desktop is designed to allow outfitters access to the global hunting community at an affordable rate, and to put their best foot forward – Let’s Hunt will forever change the way the industry procures clients! 

Growing Customers Made Easy

With Let’s Hunt, you have access to thousands of hunters from around the globe, all pre-qualified as hunting enthusiast wanting to hear from you!

Core Advantages

Sell more hunts than you ever thought possible at a fraction of the cost you are used to.

The Let’s Hunt app is developed by KC Safari Services, Africa’s leading Safari marketing firm. It is therefore developed to be as enjoyable as possible for hunters from around the globe, but also has a massive emphasis on creating value for hunting operators.

Quality & Trust

Let’s Hunt’s integrated rating & score system, is forcing the industry to raise the bar, and allowing those who deliver excellent service to receive recognition for it!

Cost & Exposure

With access to thousands of hunters (and growing) from around the globe, hunting operators would be negligent not to make use of our platform to gain new business. 

Top Features

Why use Let’s Hunt. What makes it so popular?

The Activity Feed

The heartbeat of LH is the Activity Feed. This is where you can scroll down and see all updates, uploads, the latest posted products and so much more! 

Field Manuals

Part of being a great hunter is having great knowledge. In the LH Field guides, hunting operators, experts and companies share their knowledge with the community.


Basecamp is where everything comes together. Check your Points & XP, the leaderboards, learn how you can win the grand prize every month, discover the most popular hunts & more!

LH Pulse

The LH Pulse is an easy and immediate way to see everything and everyone who is trending. Stay on top of the hunting world, connect with the world’s best hunters & learn from other hunters. 

**Pulse is an exclusive mobile app feature. On desktop, you will find trending people & posts on your activity feed sidebar.

More Features

In the “more” menu on mobile, and left side-bar menu on desktop, you will find dozens of additional features. Access and customize your profile, find your friends, shop for hunts & gear, send messages & discover our ever expanding list of great LH features. 

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Let’s Hunt is FREE to use for all users, forever. For access to our advanced features, you can upgrade to a PRO account for €9.9 per month. *

*50% off with annual subscription.