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Unfamiliar with the Marketplace?

The Marketplace found its roots when Safari Services partnered with Huntlink to bring South Africans a one-stop shop for hunts, gear & breeding animals. Safari Services is known for our marketing services in the hunting industry, but this has led to us being the trusted middleman between ranch owners & hunters. Our marketplace is the digital home of this trust, where hunters and service providers now connect directly. We vet stores before they are allowed to sell by quickly checking the quality of the products they plan to sell. After this, our partners connect directly with buyers, and hunters can purchase all their hunts, gear and other hunting items directly from our secure portal.  

List on the Marketplace:

Listing your business on the Safari Services store and presenting yourself to the African market is easier than you might think. Safari Services believe in value, and we wish to see this industry prosper. That is why we have embarked on this journey to ensure that our beloved hunting industry in Africa remains of exceptional quality, and all deserving professional hunters and entrepreneurs may prosper. 

Keeping our infrastructure running smoothly does not come cheap, and as such a signup fee is required in addition to the standard commissions, we charge for the sales we bring your way.

As a marketplace store, you have two options. Choose the standard listing if you do not wish to pay a larger initial fee but pay 10% commissions per sale. If you want to go big and prosper, you may choose the Boosted listing+ option, where you are not only subject to half the commission rate, but also get R8999 worth of ads created by our professional marketers which run on Google/FB/IG and sends customers directly to your product! 

Want to list your store/property? Choose how: 

Standard Listing

R999,00 One year subscription. 10% commission. No ads on your behalf.
  • This plan includes 1 listing
  • Listings are visible for 365 days
  • Standard Listing
  • No Ad Campaigns
  • Limited Support
  • Renewable after 1 year
  • Subject to 10% commission
One store/property listing. Once your store or property is listed, you can open your store and start selling your products. Products sold on the KCSS Marketplace is subject to 10% commission. Add Listing

What option to choose?

Not sure how to list? 

Standard Listing: The standard listing allows you to start selling your products and services at a low yearly cost. Listing the standard way, you will enjoy all the benefits of our premier listing method, apart from not being marketed by our professional team on external platforms and sources. If you believe you do not need additional marketing, then this option may be a viable choice. 

Boosted Listing+: Most of our partners prefer this option. Not only do you get the services of our marketers for free, but if you deduct the cost of the ads we run on your behalf, the cost is the same as the standard listing. The benefits are multiple with the Boosted Listing+ option. Our team will take your additional paid funds, take the products you have listed, and drive customers to your store. Not only this, but you pay a reduced commission rate of only 5% – the lowest of any marketplace store in Africa! Safari Services recommend Boosted Listing+. 

Need more Info?

We understand that our method of connecting hunters to sellers is a completely innovative approach. That is why we wish to work with you and ensure you have all the information you require. Safari Services has a mission to ensure that quality companies prosper, and that hunting clients have nothing short of an exceptional time. 

Feel free to reach out to us: