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Hunt Africa is a booking agency for the international hunting industry, partnered with our global network of affiliates and ambassadors. Hunt Africa’s listed outfitters are certified against our Triple Certification standard and seen as the best on the continent by international clients and professionals. Hunt Africa is a sister company of KC Safari Services, and a member of the Kleinhans Co. group of companies. 


Certified Hunting Outfitters
Africa's Best

COVID-19 has forced Safari companies to rethink their marketing; to go online. But in an online world, who can you really trust?

We book hunts, For You

Utilizing our subsidiaries and their years of international trade relations, we have pushed the Hunt Africa booking platform to all new Safari-industry heights. We do all the work and employ dozens of agents around the globe to book hunts for our Triple Certified outfitters.

If you wish to build your brand and grow your company, but only pay for service delivery when a client is booked, then look no further. 

We are, Partners for Growth

HUNT.AFRICA is an agency managed by KC Safari Services which will partner with you to grow your brand and increase your revenue. We deliver our world-class marketing services and industry-leading sales techniques completely free of charge and only ask for a commission when a sale is made.

Yes, we work for FREE so that your company can grow, and only earn commissions when we seal the deal for your next client! 

We only ask for open communication and your cooperation. You are in the field and work on the ground and therefor are in the perfect position to give us marketing material, promo’s, cancelation hunts & more! And in return, we take what you give us and push it to our global network.  

We work with you. Partners towards a common goal of bringing more hunters to the African continent.  

Join us, Get Triple Certified

Hunt Africa’s Triple Certification is the only independent certification of African outfitters, ensuring a higher quality Safari than ever before. Our mission is to ensure that hunting clients from around the globe know exactly what to expect when they book a hunt online; and to assist our catalogue of outfitters in booking more clients.

Companies that pass the certification carry the Gold- or Diamond Outfitter badge and are excellent outfitters. These outfitters are a hunting client’s best choice when booking a hunt to Africa.

Outfitters from across Africa are applying for triple certification so they can wear the prestigious Triple Certified badge. These outfitters understand the importance of remaining relevant in a rapidly digitizing hunting industry.