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Hunt Africa Affiliate Seller Program

Please note that we reserve the right to revoke affiliate or Ambassador status at any point for misconduct. Vendors (certified outfitters) may not be affiliate sellers. Register your account as “Guest” to become an affiliate seller. For more details on our Affiliate program, read further down this page. 



Sell hunts to your base, knowing all hunts are independently triple certified. Africa's best.

Reap the rewards you deserve by referring hunters to Africa’s best, independently certified hunting outfitters. Tested for their quality, experience and sustainability, these outfitters never disappoint.  

Earn up to 10%

Becoming a Hunt Africa Affiliate is free of charge, free of risk & free of obligations.

Your only obligation is to yourself. And the only payment is from us to you. Utilize the client base you have worked so hard to build by referring hunters to Africa’s best outfitters. Never has there been a single place where outfitters are listed based on merit – now, there is. And you can benefit from it! 

How it Works

The biggest risk keeping you from selling hunts with international partners have always been referring or advising your hard-earned client-base / social following with the incorrect information. Or even worse, recommending a hunt that is completely inadequate to expectations. No longer is this a risk you need to take.

Hunt Africa is an independent certification body who visit Africa’s outfitters who apply. Upon our visit, outfitters are required to pass our 101-point certification checklist before being considered a Triple Certified Outfitter. Simply put: outfitters on Hunt Africa are the best of the best, and truly are the real deal. Now, you can reap the rewards of your continuous efforts of building a fantastic audience or client base of hunters. 

  1. Sign up to be a Hunt Africa affiliate by completing the form here. (Just click the “Signup Today” button)
  2. Browse hunt Africa in search of a hunting area you like and prefer. You need not be tied to any one area and can refer your clients to literally any hunting area as they all have passed the same certification test.
  3. Once you have found hunting deals to your liking, you can visit your dashboard and generate a referral link. 
  4. Simply share this link to your customers or social following, and any purchase they make within a 14-day period of clicking your link will earn you commissions.
  5. If at any point a customer clicks your link again, the 14-day period is refreshed for another 14 days. So keep sharing those links in email, posts, or stories to ensure you reap the rewards! 

Earn your way UP

Hunt Africa has affiliates, and ambassadors. Ambassadors are hand-picked; or are affiliates who have proven they are committed to selling hunts.

HA Affiliates

Earn 5% commission on hunts booked via your affiliate link. The average African hunt is priced at $11k, which means you earn $550 for every hunt booked! Book 20 hunts a year and earn your Hunt Africa Ambassador status.

HA Ambassadors

Hand-picked or hard-earned, our Ambassadors earn 10% on every hunt booked. In addition, they earn rewards such as FREE African hunts.

Our Mission


A Prosperous Hunting Industry

By ensuring that clients book only with outfitters who have shown dedication to the craft, sustainable management of habitats & a quality experience; our industry will thrive. By being responsible in our actions, the rich tradition of hunting may be rejuvenated once more.


Exceptional Experiences

For the first time ever hunting clients can peak behind the curtain of the African hunting industry and truly know who to trust, and which outfitters to choose. Through our certification and side-by-side comparison of hunts, all hunters will have an exceptional experience.


Sustainable utilization

Hunt Africa manages the pro-utilization NGO, Project Savannah. Project Savannah is not tied to any organization, political ideologies or private entities, and work independently to 1) ensure all hunting operations happen in a sustainable manner, and 2) funds are available to push back against radical anti-utilization organizations who seek to colonize African wildlife.

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