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creating a thriving hunting industry through exceptional experiences.

We want, what you want. A prosperous hunting industry with exceptional experiences created by sustainable, experienced, quality hunting outfitters, ranch owners & outdoor entrepreneurs. 


We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and remove all friction for clients

By investing in the technology that helps take the friction out of hunt-travel and hunt-innovation, Safari Services seamlessly connects tens of thousands of hunters with verified hunting areas, resellers & outfitters. As South Africa’s largest hunt travel marketplace & leading marketing agency; Safari Services enables properties & entrepreneurs all over the continent to reach their desired audience and grow their businesses.

KC Safari Services was founded in 2017 in Stellenbosch, a vibrant university town in South Africa known as the birthplace of Africa’s innovative technologies. Safari Services has grown from a small start-up with a large dream to Africa’s leading digital marketing company for the hunt-travel industry. Part of Kleinhans Co. pty (ltd.), Safari Services’ mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience hunting in Africa, whilst encouraging responsible utilization and helping quality hunting outfitters prosper by making the process of booking clients easier.

We were found by Adolf Kleinhans and his team of outdoor fanatics. Our dream has and continues to be the expansion and rejuvenation of the global hunting industry. Safari Services was found with the sole purpose of helping Africa’s best hunting ranches & outfitters connect with the world’s outdoorsmen. As a company founded by outdoorsmen, for outdoorsmen, Safari Services is dedicated to our clients and our partners. We continue to remove all friction in the finding, understanding, and booking of Africa’s best hunts & hunting products.

We are a curious and enthusiastic group of outdoor lovers who specialise in business development and marketing. Our excited group consists of folks who have worked as tour guides, professional hunters, event coordinators and freelance photographers, all of whom now use that experience combined with their expert knowledge to stand as one formidable team of individuals who understand and love your business!

Our Mission


A Prosperous Hunting Industry

Nothing would make us boys & gals at Safari Services happier than a stronger, richer, more vibrant hunting industry. Working with you, we wish to make the rich traditions of hunting a reality in every home around the world.


Exceptional Experiences

From your experience to your client's experience. Every point of interaction with Safari Services, our associated companies or our partners for growth needs to be exceptional. Nothing less is acceptable.


Sustainable utilization

We manage the pro-utilization NGO, Project Savannah. which is not tied to any organization, political ideology or private entity. We work independently to 1) ensure all hunting operations happen in a sustainable manner, and 2) funds are available to push back against radical anti-utilization organizations who seek to colonize African wildlife.

Ask Our Experts

Our team travels far & wide to meet and certify Africa's best outfitters in person. Who better to help you than us?

our consultants

Our safari experts offer a hunting consultation free of charge. Contact us and let us help you plan your next great adventure.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team are from this industry. Although we invest heavily in technology, our roots are that of hunting guides who understand all the details.

Our Services How can we Help?

  • R4999,00
    Get your business online without breaking the bank! Our Quick Website is perfect for you if you know what you want to say to the world and require no more than five web pages.
  • Safari Filming with Bayly Sippel Safaris
    2 Full days service. Full Monty includes 2x videos (a cinematic facilities video & an outfitter interview/explainer video), professional photography of your facilities & your operation, and a 360° experience of your choice. The Full Monty ensures your company is putting its best foot forward. With this package, an outfitter can rest assured that they have all the content to compete with the best online and at tradeshows.
  • Safari Filming with Lenyati Safaris
    2 Full days service. Facilities Package which includes a cinematic video of your facilities & professional photography of your facilities. The facilities package is designed for you to have world-class media of your facilities for use in your brochures, on your website, via your social media channels, for sharing with potential clients and so many other use cases. In the online world of today, it is absolutely crucial to have professional, quality media for your operation.
  • R10900,00
    In the digital sphere, many brands prefer to run once-off, extremely specific, ad campaigns from time to time, usually about twice a year. With a hyper focused ad campaign, you have the best opportunity in the history of the world to reach exactly who you want, with the message you want, and drive the results you want. There is no form of marketing on the planet which is as result based as a digital marketing campaign.
  • R19999,00
    Custom Websites are sites where you can dream big, and the possibilities are literally endless. Our highly experienced developers have been involved in Website design for over 10-years and have also been developing mobile apps for over 4-years. Our team can design any website layout and functionality you can imagine.
  • R12800,00
    Designed for big players in a big game. Hunting is big business, and the Tier 3 marketing bundle is the only option you should consider if you plan to become a well-recognized leader in the industry. It is also perfect for companies who have already established themselves as leaders but wish to remain so in our modern era and the changing landscape of the hunting industry. Month-to-month, cancel anytime. This bundle includes T3 Social Media management, a Facebook+Instagram campaign and Google campaign, custom landing pages, email campaigns, T3 SEO, website audits, marketing reports. Excludes spend budget. More details below.
  • R7200,00
    Designed for established brands who wish to grow their company to record highs and remain relevant in the modern age. Month-to-month, cancel anytime. This bundle includes T2 Social Media management, a Facebook and Instagram campaign and/or Google campaign, a custom landing page, an email campaign & a website audit. Excludes spend budget. More details below.
  • R5200,00
    Designed for those who don't yet have the big budgets but are aiming to get there. Month-to-month, cancel anytime. This bundle includes T1 Social Media management, a Facebook and Instagram campaign, custom landing page & a website audit. Excludes spend budget. More details below.
  • R12500,00
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your website in such a way that Google may rank you higher than your competition. Think of it like this: When someone searches the web for a term such as "South African hunting Safaris", you'd like yourself to be at the top of that list, right? Well SEO is your ticket to being #1 on that list! SEO is a technical service which requires maintenance, so for a once-off fee, we will not only massively optimize your website to increase traffic, but we will also create a plan that you can...
  • R11500,00
    Get your new website online quickly with our pre-designed web-templates. Our pre-designed sites are optimized for the hunting industry and continuously tweaked based on our industry experience. Everything on your website will be developed around encouraging clients to contact you; from where you have personal communications to push the sale.

Stuart Oneil

US Hunt Guide

“I love that I can recommend African hunts to my clients with peace of mind, while also getting a cut from the sale – all whilst my clients still get the best price available.”

Stuart is a Hunt Africa affiliate reseller. 

Joe Davis

Hunter, USA

“Since the start of COVID I’ve been looking online for my hunts. I found Hunt Africa and these guys have not let me down. Not only can I trust every outfitter on their website, but they offer a best-price-guarantee and their support staff are awesome.”

Eli vd Walt

African Outfitter

“Hunt Africa is what we needed decades ago. Not only do they offer an additional stream of clients, but they ensure that the most qualified of outfitters remain in the game, keeping our industry healthy and sustainable.”

our partners trust us


ready to Hunt, Africa?

Let’s Hunt! Our mission is to expand hunting as a pastime and bring back the rich tradition in every African home. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, why wait one second longer?